Ultimate Kanjeevaram Shopping Destinations in India

Considered one of the most beautiful sarees worldwide, the Kanjeevaram gets its name from the town of its starting point, Kanchipuram. This stunning fabric is otherwise called Kanchipuram. Possessing its name, Kanjeevaram can be considered as South India’s rendition of Banarasi silk sarees. These entrancing sarees are made with a lovely mix of shadings and thick fabric. The hint of gold in Kanjeevaram sarees make them ideal for each event or festivity.

Top 10 Ultimate Kanjeevaram Shopping Destinations in India 1. Prakash Silks & Sarees – Tamil Nadu

Known as the centre of Kanjivaram sarees, the Tamil Nadu and Kanchipuram area is a spot for dazzling collections of Kanchipuram silk sarees. Ladies! Assuming you’re going to Tamil Nadu for your wedding shopping, don’t miss going to this secret diamond – Prakash Silks and Sarees that was set up way back in 1989.

2. Nallis- Pan India

📷 Ask anyone in India where you might find the best Kanjeevaram sarees for your wedding, and shockingly, the most common response will be just Nalli Silk Sarees! Established in 1928, this ultimate saree destination has the best assortment of silk sarees and top-notch fabrics and patterns for all age gatherings.

3. Sundari Silks- Chennai

One more top pick to search for the absolute best Kanjivaram silk sarees for the bride in Chennai is Sundari Silks in T. Nagar. It has an assortment of silk sarees to offer, and this gem of a place has been around since 1998.

4. Angadi Galleria- Bangalore

The next stop in India to get one of the most outstanding Kanjivaram sarees is the Silicon Valley of India. Bengaluru is also known for its intricate Kanjeevaram silk sarees for ladies who are getting hitched; this spot brings a great deal to the table regarding marriage shopping. One such outlet in the city is an Angadi Galleria that focuses on the ‘speciality of saris’!

5. Gaurang Shah- Hyderabad

Known as the weaves expert, the Gaurang store makes beautiful sarees and marriage outfits with high-quality magnum opuses. Particularly zeroing in on Kanjeevaram sarees for the ladies-to-be, they have a korvai weaving procedure with traditional motifs, which is roused by the ‘temple art’ from the sixteenth century!