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Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer that has plagued the lives of millions of women around the world. According to the WHO, in the year 2020 alone, more than 2 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer, out of whom more that 6,85,000 succumbed to the disease.  As October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world, let us understand what the causes are, signs and treatment options for the disease as early detection can help save millions of lives.

1. Surgery

An operation where doctors cut out cancer tissue (Mastectomy or lumpectomy)

2. Chemotherapy

A unique medicine used to shrink or kill cancer cells. The drugs can be given both orally or intravenously (by means of a vein).

3. Hormonal Therapy

It locks the cancer cells from getting the hormones they need.

4. Biological Therapy

Drugs acting on the body’s immune system to help it fight cancer cells or to control side effects from other cancer treatments

5. Radiation Therapy

To kill cancer cells, doctors use high-energy rays which are similar to X-rays.

6. Palliative Or Supportive Care

It is specialised medical care that focuses on providing relief from pain and other symptoms of a serious illness. Early detection is the key: Remember if detected in the early stages, the survival rates increase. Hence, it is always advisable to be on the lookout for any signs and symptoms. If you think something is amiss, consult your doctor at the earliest.

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