Treatment For Vaginal Pimples

1. Determining The Cause

f the cause of the irritation is determined to be a product then it should be removed from use and changed. The first step to deciding the correct treatment is to uncover the cause of the bump on the vagina. Keep a note of the occurrence of vaginal pimples and any products, activities, or other factors which may affect the genital area, including shaving and hot tub usage.

2. Remove Irritants

Once the cause of the irritation or infection has been identified, stop using the product or engaging in the activity. For example, if this is shaving, reduce irritation by using a new blade and shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Never dry shave. It is important to keep hot tubs clean, and only use properly treated pools and take a shower afterwards.

3. Address The Hormonal Imbalance

The skin on your private parts can get acne for exactly the same reasons that facial skin can: hormone imbalance coupled with bacterial overgrowth. This type is referred to as pimples on the vulva, which will generally contain more fluid or sebum. Making sure your female and male hormones are balanced is key. An excess of testosterone or estrogen will predispose you to vaginal acne outbreaks. The good news is that you can reset hormones at home.

4. Heat Therapy

To address itching and pain, try treating the area with a warm compress. Simply soak a small towel in warm water and squeeze it out before placing it on the skin. This treatment can be repeated several times daily. Always dry the area thoroughly before dressing to inhibit bacterial growth. This is a great vaginal acne treatment that you can easily do at home. Learn here causes, symptoms and remedies for itchy vagina.

5. Medication

Speak with a doctor about treatment for vaginal pimples through medication. If contact dermatitis is the root cause, topical medications or antihistamines may be recommended. Infections can be treated with topical or oral antibiotics. While Molluscum contagiosum often clears up without treatment, medication may be prescribed for persistent cases.