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Top 5 Sandwich Recipes For Kids

When it comes to sandwiches, the real game-changer is adding a twist to the add-ins so that kids’ snack time is never boring. We introduced our children very early to peanut butter as it’s always been a staple in my pantry.

1. Classic Peanut Butter Sandwich (without jelly)

If you’ve ever tried a Bombay sandwich, you would know how filling it is. And that’s why I use this recipe when we are adding sandwiches as a replacement to kids’ core meals like breakfast or lunch. I like to keep it as a mix of veggies and a bit of mild spicy flavour.

2. Bombay Sandwich (Kids Special)

This open-faced sandwich is not only a hit with my kids but often comes in my meal plan as well. The recipe is quite simple yet again, but added sweet & sour seasoning takes it to a whole new level of flavour.

3. Thai Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich recipe is for kids with a sweet tooth! I’ve noticed that this recipe tastes best with strawberry preserve. The salty notes of cream cheese compliments strawberry preserve very well.

4. Cheese ‘n’ Jelly Love Sandwich

Yet another healthy upgrade to kids’ lunchboxes, read on for this sandwich recipe with a fruity punch. The best part is that you can replace any fruit and make it as per your child’s taste buds.

5. Fruity Nut Butter Sandwich

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