Top 10 Behtareen & Comfortable Wedge Heel Pairs Under Rs 1,500

Agar kahe to galat nahi hoga that it’s the age of old trends making a return. Styles dating back to the 70s are making a comeback and we’re seeing our Mom’s favourites out on the streets again. One thing that we’ve got our eyes on are the wedge heels. While they’ve been around in the fashion scene since the 1930s, they’ve come back and forth in trend every few decades. And this decade is one of them. So catch up with this trend before it goes out again. Here are 10 stylish yet aram dayak pairs that you can buy at less than Rs 1,500.

1. Carlton London Textured Slip-On Wedge Heels

Heel: 2 inches Another pair of stunning and elegant wedge heels that look classy and rich. These slip on wedge heels by carton come in a crisp white colour that’s perfect for all seasons and styles. You can easily wear them everyday to college, office or even grocery shopping.

2. Sneak-A-Peak Criss-Cross Strappy Wedges Buckle Closure

Heel: 3 Inches Boasting of criss cross straps, these open toe sandals ooze style and edginess. They come in colours of black and tan, both of which are very much in trend these days. You can style them with dresses, rompers and mini skirts to get the best look. They’re easy to clean and maintain.

3. Curiozz Wedges with Ankle Strap

Heel: 2.5 inches Looking for a comfortable and sleek pair of wedge heels? Look no further. Curiozz is a brand that makes sleek and chic footwear that are easy on the eyes and your feet. This pair comes in four beautiful colours – peach, off-white, black and nude that compliments a range of clothing styles and fits.

4. Deas Wedge Sandals

Heel: 1 inch Sometimes all you need is some simplicity to finish up your outfit. For those of you who’re looking for the closing element and want something that goes with everything you have in your closet, this pair of closed back simple wedge heel sandals in cream colour is all you need.

5. Zapatoz Woven Design Wedge

Heel: 1.5 inches Comfort over fashion, gals. And this pair is a match made in heaven. Made of PU material and flaunting the subtle but pretty woven design on the front gives it a modern feel. Not only do they look good but are easy on your pocket too. If you love wearing platform shoes, this pair can be a really good addition to your footwear collection and will definitely go with every style.