Tjori’s Mansi Gupta Weaves Threads Of Sustainability

Now more than ever, sustainability is the way forward for everything from fabrics and fashion, to fuel and fast cars. And this led The Channel 46 to Tjori—an Indian brand that’s focused on promoting traditional craftsmanship, heritage handicrafts and sustainable products. We caught up with co-founder Mansi Gupta to address how Tjori’s making its mark in the world of fashion, and how aspiring entrepreneurs and students can take a cue.

1. What was the inspiration behind this brand? The idea of giving our artistic and talented Indian craftsmen a global platform to showcase their skills was my biggest inspiration to create this brand. 2. How do you view the importance of sustainable and ethical products in today’s day and age? The world is already damaged enough with everything from environmental pollution to climate change. Our only way to redemption is to use sustainable and environment-friendly products.

3. Can you tell us about your work with local craftsmen and artisans? We are a lifestyle brand that caters to the fashion and wellness category. We work with local craftsmen on every level, right from the fabric dyers to the hand block printing units, and even the hand stitching kaarigars that make our final garments. The ayurvedic and organic wellness products all come from our ayurvedic specialist. .

4. If someone wishes to enter this space of ethical and sustainable products, what would be your top 3 tips for them? To enter any industry you need the 3 P’s, as I like to call it: Perseverance, persistence and permanence. Any new industry needs a lot of perseverance and dedication because you will face challenges on an everyday basis. Persistence when dealing with these daily challenges will keep you strong in your game.