Tips To Keep In Mind When Investing In A Foundation

1. Know Your Undertone  

Figure out your skin’s undertone by noticing the veins under your wrists. If your veins look olive, you have a warmer undertone. If they’re more bluish or purple in colour, then your undertone is cool. Choose a shade of foundation which complements your undertone. Warm tones look the best with yellow or peach-based shades and cool tones work well with pink-based colours. If you’re more of a neutral tone, yellow shades should be your choice.

2. Always Patch Test Against Your Jawline

If the store where you’re buying the foundation from provides you with a sample, always remember to do a patch test against your jawline instead of your forearm. Find natural light outside or somewhere inside the store and dab the foundation directly on your jawline. In this way, you can actually see if you can use it to blend your face and neck skin tone seamlessly.

3. Decide On What Type of Coverage You Want  

You can choose your foundation depending upon the type of coverage you’re looking for. If you’re looking for light coverage, a tinted moisturiser like a BB or a CC cream would do the job. A medium-coverage foundation is preferred for a more airbrush look. If you have pimples and acne scars, you may want a full coverage foundation. The makeup assistant at the store will be able to help you once you bring this to their attention.