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Tips For Flawless Concealer Application

Concealers can do more than just hide your acne and blemishes. If you think concealers are just for your under-eyes then you’re absolutely wrong. You can use them on your collarbone, eyelids and even your back! Here are top tips to keep in mind when using concealers.

1. Always Draw Your Under-Eye Concealer In A Triangle

If you just swipe your concealer right across your under-eyes, instead of concealing it you’re actually defining your eye bags and dark circles more. Therefore, always draw an inverted triangle under your eyes, with the tip pointing towards your cheek.

2. You Can Prime Your Eyelids With A Concealer

You don’t have to spend your bucks on a separate eye shadow primer. Use your concealer to create a base for your eyeshadow without creasing. Just dab a bit of concealer properly on your eyelids before you wear that smokey eye makeup and you’re good to go!

3. You Can Use Concealer On Your Body

You can apply concealer on your chest or back to cover discolouration, patchy skin, and even stretch marks. Dab on a creamy concealer and just set it using a good setting powder. You can continue alternating between the concealer and powder, keeping a five-minute drying time gap between each coat for a good amount of coverage.

4. Load Up Your Makeup Collection With Colour Correcting Formulas

If you’re dealing with discolouration and pigmentation, you should have a have few colour correcting formulas in your makeup pouch. These entirely depend upon your skin tone and the concerns you have. If you have a fairer skin tone, you must look for pale-pink concealers that hide the blue zits on your face, peach colour to neutralise any blue/dark shadows for medium-toned girls, green concealer to neutralise any redness, and lavender to cancel out any yellow spots on your skin.

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