This World Vegan Day, Expert Kaveeta Pol Busts 10 Myths On Vegan Beauty & Makeup

Compassionate companies are choosing to make their beauty products without testing on animals. And there are some serious reasons to love them for it! For all those people who are looking to cut all animal-derived items out of their life and turn vegan, clean cosmetics are the way to go. But it can be a bit confusing if you’re new to the concept (especially with so many concepts like cruelty-free, organic, natural products, and so on).

Busting 10 Myths About Vegan Beauty & Makeup 1. Cruelty-Free is the same as Vegan.

Cruelty-free only identifies if the product has been tested on animals or not, but a vegan product must check a lot of other boxes. It should not have any animal by-products, nor should it be unethically sourced. Holistic vegan beauty entails 3 different aspects specifically in the beauty industry: – No animal by-products – No animal testing – No unethical ingredients or sourcing of ingredients

2. Big brands don’t perform animal testing.

China is one of the few countries in the world to require mandatory animal testing for beauty products, specifically all imported cosmetics and beauty products. Any brand that sells its products in China has to test on animals, the PETA website lists many many big brands that we’re all familiar with. Maybelline, Clinique, Mary Kay, Clarins, Bobby Brown, Estee Lauder, OPI, Elizabeth Arden, Victoria’s Secret are some examples of brands selling in China and using animal testing.

3. Using clean or vegan beauty will actually not make any difference.

The problem with customers today is we want quick fixes and shortcuts. If that’s what you want then organic and vegan products are not for you. However, there is a segment of people who want results with no long-term damage and they are conscious about what they’re attesting with their purchase.

4. Vegan Foundations don’t provide any coverage.

This statement is quite baseless (pun intended)! Just like any product, there are multiple brands for everything; some brands are of better quality than others. It has nothing to do with being vegan, just try another brand till you find the one that works for you.

5. Clean beauty brands don’t work on your skin.

You mustn’t forget that 60% of any product you apply on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream directly (as opposed to ingesting, which is filtered through organs like the kidney and liver). So if you have chemicals like Parabens, PPD, Sulphates, Ammonia, synthetic ingredients, or animal by-products like oil from sheep’s wool or fat from a cow’s tendon reaching a place where it does not belong – your bloodstream –  you know that’s not going to do you any good.