Things You Should Know If You Want To Donate Your Blood

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1. According to the National Blood Transfusion Council, males as well as females can donate half a litre of blood at a time.

2. Wondering how much blood can you donate? Here’s your answer. Men can donate blood once every 3 months, while women can do so once every 4 months.

3. Half a litre of blood, termed as 1 unit of blood, can be used for up to 3 patients, depending on the quantity of blood he/she needs.

4. Blood donation is restricted to healthy individuals between the ages of 18 and 65.

5. You should be at least 50 kg to be eligible for it.

6. Individuals with common flu, cough and cold, sore throat, other infections, and indigestion are not allowed to donate blood.

7. It is generally advised that you avoid donating blood for 6 months if you have just got a piercing or a tattoo, so that you do not spread infections (if any) to those in need of blood.