Things About Oral Sex You Would Love To Know


Oral sex involves sexually stimulating your partner’s genitals with your lips and/or tongue to stimulate his/her genitals.

It is an essential part of foreplay before intercourse, to arouse your partner enough and get him/her in the mood for sex.

Here’s a fun read on oral sex slangs, 1. Blow job 2. Eating someone out 3. Giving head 4. Going down 5. Rimming 6. 69

1. Fellatio Here, the penis is stimulated with the lips, tongue, or teeth. It generally involves licking or sucking motion, but may also include the use of teeth or throat.

2. Cunnilingus This involves the stimulation of the vagina or clitoris, located at the junction of the inner lips, with the mouth. This includes liking or sucking around the lining of the vulva or around it.

3. Anilingus This refers to the stimulation of the anus with the lips or mouth.