These 8 Qualities Of Women  Are Reflected In Maa  Durga’s Avata

1. Righteousness Maa Durga holds a chakra in her 1st upper right hand that symbolizes righteousness. Being righteous literally means to be right, especially in a moral way.

2. Radiance Of Positivity & Happiness The conch in Maa Durga’s first upper left hand symbolizes happiness. Women all over the world are a source of happiness for the family.

3. Eradication Of Vices A sword in Maa Durga’s second right lower hand symbolizes eradication of vices.

4. Upholding Values The bow and arrow in her second left lower hand symbolizes values. When women face difficulties in their lives, they stay true to their beliefs and values.

5. Setting Boundaries Maa Durga’s lotus Flower in her 3rd lower left hand symbolizes detachment. Women, especially today, need to set boundaries for self-care.

6. Undying Devotion The club in Maa Durga’s third right lower hand is the symbol of Hanuman & symbolizes devotion and surrender.

7. Building Courage Maa Durga’s trident or trishul in her fourth left lower hand symbolizes courage. Today, women have various platforms to showcase their courage and bravery

8. Seeking Forgiveness Within Maa Durga’s fourth lower right  hand is an open palm showering blessings & symbolizes forgiveness.