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The 5 Most Popular Hairstyling Techniques You Can Experiment With This Wedding Season

1. Getting The Haircut Style You Want From pixie cuts to long layers, a good haircut is the foundation for any hairstyle. Consider your face shape and if the cut you want will complement that shape. A good haircut will highlight those positive features and downplay those less than positive features.

2. Adding Some Colour Another easy and sometimes cheap way to change up your hairstyle is to add in some colour. Nowadays, there are plenty of excellent hair dye products out there in almost any colour you can think of. If you’re ready to get creative and think outside the box, colouring your hair might just be for you.

3. Mastering The Blow-Dry A simple wash and blow-dry can be the easiest way to get a great hairstyle. So, how do you get that great blowout without blowing out your wallet? Use the right hairbrush and dry your hair in sections (if you have bangs, dry those first).

4. Creating Great Curls A head full of glamorous curls is one of the most classic looks. Make sure your hair is completely dry and use the right size curling iron. Don’t just crank your curling iron settings up to the highest level. Depending on your hair’s texture and health, you need to watch the temperature setting.

5. Straighten It Out Sometimes you just want that sleek, straight look. Straight hair is an excellent choice for those with shorter haircuts, and unless your hair is naturally straight, the best way to get that straight hair is with a hair straightener.

The Channel 46

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