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TC46 Unplugged: Acknowledging Stress & Treating It As A Life Lesson

"Every school homework, test, and examination were like huge hills that I had to push through because I felt stressed about failing and what the teachers would say, etc. The fact that corporal punishment was an evident part of my school life made it worse."

"During the age and time when I was a young learner, conversations around safety, care, and creating nurturing bonds with teachers were completely missing. If anything, teachers, and principals were supposed to be feared and revered!."

"My body was telling me something though I was not equipped to listen to the message. Neither was I able to do much about the stress I was experiencing."

"A lot of what was taught to me as a child and a young adult by the people in my surroundings, schools, and media had to be unlearned. The process of unlearning has been a huge help and is still an ongoing one."

"So now whenever I see myself getting stuck in a “what if” loop, I sit with my feelings and clear out the pro-cons."

"Through therapy and other workshops, I am slowly trying to establish a connection with my body to understand it better. So that before I am already up in the air lost in the whirlwind of my own making, I can ground myself back and understand what’s troubling me."

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