Support These Lifestyle Brands Led By ExtraordiNaaris

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon Indians to be ‘vocal for local’ and the entire nation applauded this step that proved to be a boost for Indian entrepreneurs. It has promoted local businesses during COVID-19 and given customers the ability and motivation to shop locally with ease.

Studio Naach

Studio Naach works on the concept of reusing waste and adding value. The brand’s vision is to explore multiple ways to utilise the textile waste that exists in the world to reduce their carbon footprint and make newer products with increased value. As a recent Srishti graduate in Textiles, founder Meenal Kaushik discovered her passion early in life. The intensity of the environmental damage that is caused because of the textile industry, the discharge of harmful chemicals, and the overfilling ln landfills made her dream of a more sustainable model.

Moira has a Greek origin, meaning fate or destiny. Inspired by India’s vibrant heritage, Moira was launched in April 2019.  It was essentially designed to enhance the rich Indian culture with the modern ways of society. It is a fusion of ethnic and contemporary styles. The creator of this brand, Suhani Jain, decided to take a leap of faith and create something of her own.


Antra Arts

AntraArts is a home-based fashion and lifestyle brand by Antra Thackeray. Their products include tote bags, stoles, notebooks, cushion covers, umbrellas, handkerchiefs and more. Every product is either hand-embroidered or hand-painted and so, each piece is unique in itself. Each product is designed and crafted by the entrepreneur personally. It is a one-woman show.

Luxury Suds ‘N’ Such

Luxury Suds ‘N’ Such products are inspired by nature and perfected by modern chemistry. The products are handmade in small batches. Suitable for kids and adults, the products range from bathing soaps to shampoo bars, and skincare products like serum, toners and more. The brand has a bathing soap made for kids and skincare products that cater to an older demographic All the products are handmade in Champhai, Mizoram, 188km away from the capital of Mizoram. These products are available at a price that will not hurt your wallet and don’t include ingredients that sound good, but do little-to-nothing to benefit your skin.

KOD Clothing

Born out of the desire to bring together Indian textiles and functional apparel, KOD is all about comfort and simplicity. Silhouettes inspired by traditional Indian wear but with a twist, each stitch and weave speaks for itself as a variety of patterns, prints and textures come together to make the apparel. The KOD journey began in December 2019 by Pratiksha Raka who is a NIFT Mumbai Graduate.