Exciting Ways To Wear Your Wedding Lehenga

10 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Lehenga

1. Wear The Blouse Separately

Lehenga blouses are beautiful. They are filled with embroidered patterns and embellishments. And honestly, it will be a waste if you hid your lehenga blouse away for eternity. The most common and best way to repurpose your lehenga is by wearing it separately. Style your blouse with another saree, or if you can, try styling it with similar palazzo pants and a jacket.

2. Swap The Original Blouse With A Trendy Blouse

Skirts are super easy to style and repurpose. If your skirt falls in a simple and light fashion, you can always wear it with a trendy blouse. If it’s a very heavily embellished skirt, try wearing a simple blouse. Accessorise as usual and flaunt your lehenga at any family function, haldi or sangeet.

3. Pair The Skirt With Long Kurtas

Fashion is whatever you want and feel comfortable in. And a very unique way to repurpose your lehenga skirt is by wearing it with a long kurta. Bring alive the inner Komal Pandey with this look. You are sure to turn some heads. If not for a wedding, you can definitely style this outfit for your college ethnic day or reunion.

4. Style The Skirt With A Simple Shirt And Jacket

If you want to go for a simple look, then a white shirt would work the magic. For celebrations like Diwali or your Garba nights, this is the perfect outfit. Wear the lehenga skirt with a white shirt. You can also wear it with a crop top and jacket. If there is a prize for best dressed at any celebration, you are sure to win! The festive season is here! But you don’t want to repeat outfits? Here is your solution. Watch this video to learn 3 ways you can reuse your gorgeous lehenga skirt!

5. Stitch It Into An Anarkali

This probably will break your heart, but it might be the right move. Lehengas are too fancy for an everyday outfit. And if you want something casual yet one of a kind, try stitching an anarkali with the entire lehenga set. You can simply attach the blouse to the skirt, but it’s best if you visit the local tailor for this.