Stealing Deepika Padukone's Style: How to Achieve the Perfect Blend of Classic and Contemporary

1. Understand Deepika Padukone's style: Study her fashion choices and identify key elements such as silhouettes, colors, and accessories that make up her classic-contemporary blend.

2. Incorporate classic and contemporary pieces: Mix timeless classics like tailored blazers or elegant sarees with modern and trendy items like statement jewelry or bold prints to achieve a balanced fusion of styles.

3. Pay attention to details: Deepika Padukone's style is known for its attention to details, so focus on the finer aspects such as the fit, cut, and finishing of your outfits to achieve a polished look.

4. Experiment with textures: Blend classic fabrics like silk or velvet with contemporary materials like leather or metallic accents to add an interesting dimension to your outfit.

5. Keep it minimalistic: Deepika Padukone often opts for clean lines and simple yet sophisticated ensembles, so avoid over-accessorizing or cluttering your look, and instead go for understated elegance.

6. Confidence is key: Deepika Padukone carries herself with confidence and grace, so no matter what you wear, wear it with confidence to truly emulate her style.