Simple Ways To Express Your Love


1. Flirt Blatantly Flirting with your partner in public makes them realise how much you want him, making him feel closer to you, and assures him that you’re entirely his.

2. Spice Up Your Sex Life If you are usually not the one to initiate sex, go for it! Your partner will be pleasantly surprised at this romantic gesture. 

3. Explore Non-Sexual Intimacy Unadulterated physical displays of affection like cuddling, hugging, holding hands or even maintaining eye contact, often communicate a lot more than what words can. 

4. Indulge in An Impromptu Activity Spontaneity gives you the romance an adrenaline rush, exactly what you need to keep romance throbbing in the both of you. 

5. Cook A Meal Cooking at home is inherently the most romantic thing to do. Spend the evening in the kitchen with a bottle of wine and get cooking!

6. Celebrate Each Other’s Achievements You need to let your partner know that all his successes are worth celebrating, big or small!