Simple Haircare Recipes With Gooseberry For A Beautiful Sheen

Curry Leaves And Amla Hair Oil Curry leaves boast of antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These are packed with several nutrients including vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, nicotinic acid and iron. This ingredient can help reduce hair fall and improve the health of your scalp. It can also help enhance hair health and promote hair growth. You Will Need: – ¼ cup amla (chopped) – ½ cup curry leaves (kadipatta) – 1 cup of coconut oil

Amla And Tulsi Hair Mask Another way to use amla powder for hair is this amla and tulsi hair mask. Loaded with vitamin C, antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties, amla can help treat hair dryness and dandruff. It also offers relief from itchiness and scalp irritation by cleansing the scalp and restoring its optimum pH levels. Tulsi is effective in controlling fungal strains that may lead to dandruff. Other than reducing dandruff and scalp itchiness, this ingredient will also make your hair smooth and shiny.

Amla, Reetha Shikakai Powder Hair Pack The high iron and carotene content in amla makes it the perfect ingredient for promoting hair growth. Moreover, it also contains essential fatty acids, which can make your tresses voluminous and smooth. Reetha and shikakai are two other time-tested ingredients that nourish hair follicles and strengthen the hair. Mix these three ingredients to make a power-packed hair mask to tackle issues like hair fall, premature greying and dryness and dullness.

Amla Hair Wash Amla for hair can be used for preventing premature greying and discolouration. This fruit also helps treat dull and lifeless hair. You Will Need: – A few pieces of amla and its juice – Water Method: 1. Take some water in a pan. 2. Put in the amla pieces and juice and boil for about 30 minutes. 3. Let the mixture cool down before straining it to remove the solid particles. 4. Wash your hair using this amla shampoo.