Shining with Confidence: Sonakshi Sinha's Hair Essentials

– A Good Quality Hairbrush: Sonakshi believes in investing in a good quality hairbrush for smooth and tangle-free hair.

– Hydration is Key: She ensures she stays hydrated to keep her hair healthy and nourished.

– Avoiding Heat Styling: To maintain her hair's shine, Sonakshi limits the use of heat styling tools.

– Hair Serums: She swears by hair serums to add a glossy finish to her locks and tame frizz.

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– Regular Scalp Massages: Regular scalp massages with natural oils stimulate hair growth and relaxation.

– Trim Regularly: Sonakshi gets regular trims to prevent split ends and maintain hair health.

– Silk Pillowcases: To prevent hair breakage, she sleeps on silk pillowcases to reduce friction.

– Embrace Natural Hairstyles: Embracing her natural hair texture allows Sonakshi to exude confidence.