Sara Ali Khan's Effortless Makeup: Embrace the Simplicity of Grace

– Lightweight BB Cream: Start with a lightweight BB cream to achieve a natural and even complexion.

– Soft Eyeliner: Use soft eyeliner to define your eyes subtly.

– Natural Brows: Keep your brows natural and softly defined.

– Soft Matte Blush: Opt for soft matte blush for a natural and flushed look.

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– Tinted Lip Balm: Embrace tinted lip balms for a soft and hydrated pout.

– Effortless Hair Waves: Create effortless hair waves for a relaxed and graceful look.

– Minimalist Highlight: Use a minimalist highlighter for a soft and radiant glow.

– Embrace minimal makeup to let your skin breathe and radiate its natural beauty.