Sara Ali Khan's daily makeup routine: The key to her fresh-faced allure!

– Achieve a fresh and youthful makeup look, inspired by Sara Ali Khan's bubbly and vibrant personality.

– Use a bright and bold lipstick to add a statement element to your makeup, just like Sara Ali Khan's confident lip choices.

– Experiment with different eyeshadow colors and techniques to create playful and fun eye looks, similar to Sara Ali Khan's expressive gaze.

– Apply a peach or coral blush to add a natural and healthy flush to your cheeks, like Sara Ali Khan's radiant charm.

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– Use a lengthening mascara to achieve fluttery and defined lashes, inspired by Sara Ali Khan's captivating eyes.

– Opt for a lightweight and buildable foundation for a natural and radiant complexion, just like Sara Ali Khan's fresh and glowing skin.

– Incorporate a liquid highlighter for a luminous and radiant glow, similar to Sara Ali Khan's mesmerizing charm.

– Radiate grace and poise, knowing you care for your hair like the crown it deserves.