Homemade hair Pack With Baking Soda, Oats & Cornstarch For Thick, Shiny Locks

Beauty  Nuskhe

1. The 72-Hour Rule If you don’t wait at least 72 hours for wetting your tresses after colouring your hair, the colour will wash off in a snap.

2. Shampoo Care The type of shampoo you use has a bada impact on the brilliance and shine of your hair colour.

3. Condition. Condition. Condition. You HAVE to use a conditioner every time you shampoo your colored-treated hair.

4. Say NO To Humidity When bathing, wear a shower cap and avoid getting your hair wet too often.

5. High Temperature?  Showering in cool or lukewarm water is better than taking hot water, which can damage and bleach colour-treated hair.