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Safety Tips That You Must Follow Before & After Waxing

Cook your wax properly to avoid a soft and sticky wax that’s not usable.

If you cook the wax for too long, it will become hard like candy.

Make sure you test the temperature of the wax before applying.

Your hair should be roughly 1/2 inch or longer to achieve the best results.

For upper lip waxing, you can apply the wax as far as the corners of the mouth.

When waxing stray eyebrows, outline them and use a spoolie brush to separate the ones you wish to wax.

1. Wax your arms and legs in separate sections to ensure thorough hair removal.

When waxing the bikini area, be sure to keep the wax away from the vagina.

Avoid chocolate or fruit wax in the bikini area as that can lead to irritation and infections.

Apply a dab of oil post-waxing to get rid of excess wax and avoid inflammation.

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