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Safety Protocols To Follow During An Earthquake

Keep Your Valuables Handy In this context, ‘valuables’ doesn’t refer to expensive jewellery you may have kept in your wardrobe. There are many more things that are far more valuable to you than that. Get your wallet, phone, insurance papers, educational certificates, family documents (if any), canned foods and get them ready the moment you hear an earthquake alert. Keep your bag handy.

If You’re Indoors Hopefully, you’ve been taken through enough emergency drill sessions for you to know what to do should such a situation arise. Now is the time to stay calm and recollect the steps that you had got acquainted with during those drills, so you can put your knowledge to good use. In case you’re indoors when the earthquake happens, stay put where you are rather than make a beeline to reach downstairs. Don’t light candles or matches. Use your phone flashlight instead.

If You’re Outdoors Stay clear of standing below the residential complexes around, trees, and shelters. For that matter, make sure you’re standing under the sky and there’s no scope of anything heavy falling on you as the result of an earthquake. If you’re in a car when you feel the tremor of the earthquake, stay inside till it passes.

Keep Yourself Updated On Real-Time News Keep your phone with you and keep a tab on news updates frequently. Most importantly, keep touch with your community for local news regarding the next steps of action and other relevant information.

Stay Calm Not enough can be said about keeping your cool during an emergency like this. It’s important to stay alert and think on your feet, so that you don’t act in haste and raise the chances of making a wrong move.

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