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Revisiting The 15 Lessons Learnt From ‘Jab We Met’ On Its 15th Anniversary

1. Take the plunge. You never know where it leads you.

Geet decides to give wings to her long-standing dream of eloping. Albeit without planning for the risks that might be involved if her grand plans don’t take off. The lesson is, one must dream big, but only after taking calculated risks.

2. Good things happen to those who wait.

Sabr ka phal meetha hota haiyeh kahaavat toh suna hi hoga. Geet was so blindly in love with Anshumann and passionately devoted in her pursuit that she misses reading on the apparent signs that he does not see her the same way as she does.

3. Understand how to differentiate between a dream from reality.

Geet had built castles in the air all by herself. She is in pursuit of a fairytale romance with Anshuman followed by a happily-ever-after married life with him. But, surprisingly, this idea is not a joint dream of the couple. In fact, Geet and Anshuman aren’t even a couple.

4. A show of disinterest is a clear ‘no’.

Anshuman never showed interest in her. He never led her to believe that he sees a life with her in the future. It’s an extension of Geet’s imagination because wanted to live life that way – as his wife. She ignored and overlooked the apparent signals that clearly said that she doesn’t feature anywhere in his life. Even mixed signals are a clear sign of a ‘no’.

5. Don’t force your dreams on others.

When Geet is brought down to reality by Anshuman, she gives it her all to convince him to come away and elope with her. She has always been obsessed with the idea of eloping and she had taken it for granted that her imaginary boyfriend too would be fascinated with the idea.

6. Don’t try to change the person you love.

A relationship is a joint partnership where responsibilities, plans, and decisions – every aspect of life should be shared for it to be a healthy partnership. Geet makes the error of finalising decisions without even confirming whether Anshuman is interested in her.

7. Don’t be selfish in relationships.

It’s okay to love and take care of yourself. But that does not mean your wishes and demands supersedes everyone else’s. What people who really matter to you want should be given as much importance as your own dreams and wishes to build relationships on an equal ground.

8. When chasing the big things, don’t forget to enjoy the little things.

Geet was persistent and dedicated in her chase of Anshuman, so she can elope with him. In the meantime, she completely misses out on enjoying the other aspects of life. Afterall, there’s far more to life than settling down with your chosen partner.

9. Self-love is the best love. Because, main apni favourite hoon!

When the vivacious Geet decides to take a sabbatical from her home where she is the pampered ghar ki ladli after receiving a reality check from Anshuman, she sub-consciously takes the first step towards self-love.

10. It’s human to err.

Geet’s gullibility may be quite beyond anyone’s comprehension. But it’s perfectly alright and even necessary to make mistakes. It’s all a part of the learning process. What makes  making errors worthwhile is realising what went wrong and why they went wrong, and not repeating them.

11. Always be open to new experiences.

Making mistakes never means the end of your life, although it may seem like it. However, it’s a temporary phase. Take your time to take a step back, analyse things, work on healing yourself, and bounce back to life without bothering to look behind.

12. Even at your lowest, find that one thing that keeps you going.

From being a gullible girl in love, Geet starts coming of age after reality dawns upon her. She escapes to the cool confines of the quaint hill station of Shimla and starts living life productively as a school teacher.

13. Be yourself. The world will eventually accept and love you for who you are.

Geet yet again takes it for granted that her family probably wouldn’t accept her after her plans of eloping falls flat on the face. She probably felt like kis muh se ghar wapas jaun. She probably felt like she let her family down with her immaturity.

14. It’s never too late to rebuild bridges with your loved ones.

Geet had cut the bridges with her family and friends out of shame and hopelessness post the turn of events that left her feeling crumbled and dejected. Like it was the end of the world for her. But, Aditya traced her whereabouts and came looking for her out of concern.

15. Family is all we have. Truly.

Irrespective of how busy the Bollywood star is with her shoots, she makes sure to oil her hair thoroughly once in At the end of the movie, Geet realises that family serves as the backbone of our existence. They are always there through thick and thin, come what may. Therefore, after finding love unexpectedly, she goes back to the comfortable domain of her family to start life afresh with their blessings.a week. It serves as food and nutrition for her luscious tresses, making her hair look shiny, bouncy, voluminous, and healthy.

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