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Recognising 3 Women-Led Brands In Instant Coffee, Sustainable Skincare & Coconut-Based Products

Brand: Bevzilla Founders: Anurag Chhabra & Divisha Chaudhry What The Brand Offers: Healthy instant coffee cubes & powder TC46 Loves: Bevzilla offers a healthier and no preservative alternative to your daily cup of joe, without compromising on its invigorating flavour and aroma.

Brand: Neemli Naturals Founder: Rameshwari Talluri Seth What The Brand Offers: Sustainable, cruelty-free & safe skin & hair care TC46 Loves: Neemli Naturals specialises in facial skincare products like serum, creams, moisturisers, and toners. However, they have recently made a foray into haircare and personal care as well.

Brand: Good Graze Founder: Ruta Kamat What The Brand Offers: Natural, vegan, gluten-free, premium quality coconut-based products TC46 Loves: The product line at Good Graze includes a mix of pantry essentials, ready-to-eat convenience foods, and healthy snacks.

The Channel 46

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