Reasons Why It’s Normal For Your Panties To Get Bleached Orange, According To A Gynaec

How can one prevent discolouration of underwear?  

1. Wash the underwear immediately and don’t leave it for washing the next day. 2. You can wear panty liners to prevent the stain. 3. Soak your underwear in cold water for a few hours and then wash; hot water allows the stain to settle.

How can one know when a discharge is normal or not?  

Remember, the normal vaginal discharge is milky and does not have an unpleasant smell; it is subtle. In case there is an infection lookout for these signs: 1. The discharge will have a foul smell and be greenish/yellow/brown/bloody. 2. Curdy and thick in texture. 3. Itchy, burning sensation in the vagina.

When should one be worried and visit a doctor?  

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms of infection, visit the doctor immediately. Or, if you are uncomfortable in any way, seek consultation to have clarity.