Reasons For Hair Loss With Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 3rd March 2023

1. Weight Loss A very drastic weight loss is often followed by hair loss. This is because while cutting calories, we often end up consuming fewer nutrients. Also, a rigorous weight loss regime requires a reduced intake of fats, some of which could be good fats which are necessary for hair vitality.

2. Pregnancy And Childbirth The hormonal changes that take place in the female body during pregnancy and childbirth also have an effect on the hair quality. Many women lose hair during the breastfeeding period also.

3. Use Of Heat Excessive use of curling irons, straighteners and other styling devices are also contributing factors to hair loss. Prolonged exposure to heat from these devices causes hair to become dry and brittle.


1. Oil Massage Remember the time our nani-dadis would insist on putting oil in our hair. Turns out that regularly massaging your scalp with essential oils and applying oil to your hair activates the hair follicles. It stimulates the growth of new healthy hair and proves to be an effective home remedy for hair growth.

2. Eating Healthy Healthy hair starts from the inside out. How often do we grab a pizza slice because it is a convenient meal option? What we don’t realise then is that it not only affects our waistline but also the health of our hair. A good diet that is rich in protein works wonders for the quality of hair.

3. Say Bye To Heat Although a fresh blow-dry totally lifts up your overall look, using heat on your hair too often can lead to hair loss. It is advised to keep the exposure of hair to heat minimal. It will also be beneficial to use a heat resistant product every time you indulge in some styling.

4. Say Yes To De-Stress Unfortunately, stress has become an inherent part of the life of a modern woman. With so many roles to excel at, mental peace does take a backseat.

5. Nutritional Supplements The deficiency of vitamins A, B12 and C, or low levels of iron, biotin and zinc in the body can be one of the most compelling hair loss causes. A thorough blood count can help identify what it is that your body needs.

Hair Loss Shampoos Amongst the most basic things to do while dealing with the loss of hair is to start using a gentle shampoo which is devoid of harsh chemicals. There are many shampoos available that are proven to be effective in dealing with hair loss.