Priyanka Chopra's Top Skincare Tips: Protect Your Skin from the Sun

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 19th February 2023

Priyanka is a big believer in the power of sunscreen, and recommends using a product with at least SPF 30 for everyday use.

In addition to sunscreen, Priyanka also stresses the importance of staying out of the sun during peak hours (10am-4pm) to avoid sun damage.

Priyanka also advises against using too many different skincare products at once, and suggests finding a routine that works for your skin type.

Priyanka's own skincare routine includes regular exfoliation and moisturization, as well as taking care to remove makeup before bed.

According to Priyanka, getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated are also important for maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

Finally, Priyanka emphasizes the importance of taking care of your skin from the inside out by eating a healthy, balanced diet.