Post-Sex Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Lady Bits Infection-Free


1. Go Pee  Peeing helps in flushing out the germs that have entered your body during sex – germs that may gradually lead to infections in your urinary tract.

2. Drink Water  As relevant as peeing right after sex, hydrating yourself is essential after you come out of your washroom. 

3. Wipe / Wash Your Intimate Area Simply cleaning the vulva or the outer part of your vagina is sufficient and douching or cleaning the inside of your vagina is not necessary. 

4. Slip Into Fresh Underwear  Change into fresh panties as the one you’re wearing may be stained with body fluids that increase the risk of getting infected in your urinary tract.

5. Thoroughly Clean Your Sex Toys  If you’ve involved them in your sexy time, there’s no doubt you need to wash them thoroughly. 

6. Check Yourself For Symptoms Of Infection The presence of blisters, discharge, and spots, and similar symptoms on your lady bits might indicate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).  

7. Tend To Your Anus If you’d had anal sex, give it the same treatment as your vagina.