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Online Stores To Buy Beautiful Wedding Jewellery

1. Tanishq There’s no way you’re searching for jewellery and haven’t come across the name Tanishq (ho hi nahi sakta). Tanishq is a well-known jewellery brand from the Tata group, and it is one of India’s most popular brands. You should definitely pay a visit to the store because of the unique collection, friendly employees, and unbelievable discounts. They work to cater to all your needs and, if your jewellery ever gets damaged after buying, they’ll repair it for you, free of cost!

2. PC Chandra Jewellers PC Jeweller is a well-known name in India, with one of the most extensive collections and thoughtfully crafted designs for every occasion. They provide simple returns, free delivery, and hallmark-certified jewellery, as well as lifelong exchanges. Their prices are reasonable, considering the unique designs that are synonymous. They don’t waste any opportunity to entice customers with their designs and quality. They carry an extensive collection of gold jewellery and of other metals and precious stones for varied occasions.

3. Malabar Gold & Diamonds Malabar Gold and Diamonds is one of those brands that should spring to your mind when it comes to real traditional jewellery. It is one of the oldest and most well-known gold and diamond jewellery businesses. The company is at the top of its game not only in India but in the whole world! Malabar Gold and Diamond is one of the top sites in India to buy gold and diamond jewellery for all your wedding as well as pre-wedding rituals. The platform also offers an online store where you can choose from a variety of designs.

4. Candere Candere is a new name in India’s online jewellery buying scene. Candere was founded in 2013 as the online store for Kalyan Jewellers, another renowned name in the industry. They provide high-quality modifications of the designs. Although the platform is new to the online industry. The platform has established a significant presence in the market by launching designs fit for all people of various ethnicities and preferences.

5. Bluestone The brand, which was founded in 2011, has become well-known for its high-quality items, try-before-you-buy policy, and certified jewellery. Bluestone is a great place to shop for gold jewellery online. They feature an extensive selection of jewellery that you will simply adore. If you don’t want to go to the store or don’t have time, you can schedule a try-at-home appointment with all of your shortlisted designs. Looks like they took this piece of advice – “pehle istemal kare fir vishwas kare” very seriously!

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