Nourished and Revitalized: Bhumi Pednekar's Routine for Strong Hair

– A Balanced Diet: Bhumi follows a balanced diet to nourish her hair from within.

– Regular Hot Oil Massages: Hot oil massages keep her hair nourished and promote growth.

– No Sulfates or Parabens: She opts for sulfate and paraben-free hair products for healthy hair.

– Silk Pillowcases: Bhumi sleeps on silk pillowcases to reduce hair breakage while sleeping.

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– Minimal Use of Heat: She minimizes the use of heat styling tools to protect her hair.

– Hair Vitamins: Bhumi takes hair vitamins to support hair health and growth.

– Embracing Natural Texture: Bhumi embraces her natural hair texture for a carefree and natural look.

– Drinking Water: Staying hydrated is crucial for Bhumi's overall health and hair vitality.