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Not A Fan Of Milk? 10 Alternative Foods To Meet Your Body’s Calcium Needs

1. Beans & Lentils

Garbanzo or chickpea, kidney, navy and even canned baked beans provide calcium; boiled green soybeans are another good option that you should definitely incorporate into your diet. Lentils are also high in fibre, protein and micronutrients.

2. Figs

This is a sweet dessert-like fruit loaded with fibre and potassium. With whopping calcium levels, this sticky fruit helps in strengthening your bones. It is also loaded with magnesium, this fruit helps in keeping the heartbeat steady and maintaining muscle function. It stands in a strong position in the list of foods rich in calcium.

3. Oranges & Other Fruits

You know oranges help in boosting our immune system. And this magical fruit is also on the list of high calcium foods with vitamin D, which is crucial for the absorption of calcium in the body. Besides this, orange juice is an excellent home remedy for nail growth. You should also add papaya, tangerines, kiwi, mulberries, and guava to your diet.

4. Sweet Potatoes

One large sweet potato can contain up to 68 mg of calcium. also rich in potassium and vitamins A and C that may promote good eyesight, resistance to the effects of ageing, and cancer prevention. Sweet potatoes are naturally low in fat and calories. They are popular as a side dish in some parts of the world.

5. Soy Milk

It’s a myth that only dairy products contain calcium. Non-dairy products like fortified soy milk can be amazing high calcium foods and provide both calcium and vitamin D. You can also give rice milk a try.

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