Natural and Radiant: Alaya F's Secrets for Fresh Looks

– Natural Ingredients: Alaya prefers natural hair care products to enhance her hair's natural beauty.

– Effortless Beach Waves: She creates effortless beach waves using simple techniques and minimal products.

– Hair Masks: Alaya indulges in nourishing hair masks for a radiant and healthy mane.

– Air-Drying: To embrace her hair's natural texture, she often air-dries her hair.

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– Low Manipulation Hairstyles: Alaya opts for low manipulation hairstyles to minimize hair damage.

– Avoiding Hot Showers: She avoids hot showers to prevent dryness and damage to her hair.

– Protective Hairstyles: Alaya loves protective hairstyles that keep her hair looking fresh and well-maintained.

– Minimal Use of Hair Products: She keeps her hair routine simple with minimal use of hair products.