Nail Care Products That You Didn't Know You Needed

1. Base Coat

Bold colours like dark pink or red, often leave your nail stained by the polish. And when you need to let your nail breathe, or even going to a clear/ no paint nail, the stain stands out.  Hence at times like these, you need to apply a base coat to protect your nail

2. Cuticle Oils & Lotions

Another thing that ruins your nail look is dry and peeling skin near your nails and palms. And since we are on the topic of strengthening nails, investing in cuticle oils, lotions and hand creams, ensures you don’t have any dry hands

3. Cuticle Pusher

You remember those weird nail kits would have strange tools and you never figured out what is what! Well, one of those tools was a cuticle pusher. They push back the skin that creeps over your nail and ensures a smooth surface for your nail paint.

4. Curved Nail File

Filing your nail gives your nail a defined shape and a cleaner look. It smoothes out the rough cuts by the nail clipper. And when buying a nail file, look for one that is curved. A curved nail file is easier to use. It avoids mess-ups and follows your nail’s natural shape.

5. Nail Clippers

Small nail clippers are good for travel purposes. But when looking for a nail clipper, buy one that is sharp and strong. It shouldn’t break when you try to clip your nails and also shouldn’t damage your nails.

6. Matte Top Coat

After you finish your nail art, add the last layer of matte topcoat for a clean and solid look. This will make sure that your nail colour does not chip off. It also gives your nail polish a matte finish that looks pretty!

7. Anti Chew Treatment

Biting your nails may be a sign of impatience, frustration or pure boredom. And the results ruin your nails. Keep your teeth and nails separated with an anti-chew nail treatment. The treatment is a liquid formula that is unpleasant to taste and strengthens your nails.