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My Battle Scars Caused By Micro-Aggressions & Sexually-Coloured Verbal Abuse At Work

Stress at work is a known reality. No wonder, The Great Resignation came to the forefront, especially during the pandemic, when people left their jobs in huge numbers to start something of their own. Well, I am not here to talk about work-related stress. I’m sure people reeling under stress at work have their own stories to tell. And I have my own. My struggle at a certain workplace, which I’ll refer to as OW (Obnoxious Workplace) hereon, was with its people. We spend a major chunk of our days at the workplace and mingle with so many people there. As a result, it is often referred to as the second home. And understandably so. Hence, people matter.

Marriage Bureau At Work

I was putting up with it, although with growing irritation because of the overdoing, until things turned serious. Big deal! It perhaps happens at every workplace and is usually harmless. A boy and a girl working in the same team or sitting in the vicinity at the workplace are often paired together. It is a part of light-hearted banter between colleagues and builds to the camaraderie. But only when one knows where to draw the line. Especially at a workplace. I was putting up with it, although with growing irritation because of the overdoing, until things turned serious. Not exaggerating, this is all they would talk about the whole day – how to get us to meet and talk. Some seemed to not work at all throughout the workday..

Alienation At OW

As D, found it difficult to approach me, his team would take him to a conference hall and treat him to generous pegs of whiskey to make him open up. It may all sound hilarious but is this how sane professionals operate at a workplace? My team would at times meet in the morning before work hours, of course without me, to discuss what they have now made their personal agenda – to get D married to me. Hello, is there something called consent? How can I be so sure about the purpose of their meeting? I caught them all gathered together twice when I reached early at work and found them loitering downstairs within the office complex. The moment they noticed me, they stopped their giggles and went up the elevator with me.

Now Let’s Skip To The Bad Part

A bunch of guys straight out of college would incessantly discuss the sexual positions that D would experiment with me on the work desks and how they would install a CCTV camera, so that they can watch it all later. If all the above wasn’t enough, my worst ordeal was yet to begin. Gradually, the behaviour of my colleagues at OW turned passive aggressive as they realised that I was a tough nut to crack. My decisions are my own and I choose to stay with them. I own them. Here are just a few examples of the verbal abuse of a sexual nature and lechery I was subjected to because I refused to bow down to their whims regarding my personal life.

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