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Must Know Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair

The use of aloe vera for hair care has been prevailing since ancient times. Indian skincare and hair care products have included Ayurveda and natural ingredients. An aloe vera hair pack with neem has been an effective solution for dandruff since forever. While the use of honey with aloe vera for dry hair is well-known too. So here are some aloe vera hair packs and the reasons to indulge in them!

12 Must Know Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair

– Aloe vera calms your scalp and treats the symptoms of an itchy scalp and flaking skin – It cleanses the hair follicle efficiently, stripping off extra sebum – Aloe vera contains  vitamins A, C, and E which contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair

– It has healing properties, making it a great way to boost blood circulation in your scalp – It has a moisturising effect on hair, making them healthier, shinier and softer – Aloe vera rejuvenates dry and damaged hair

– It has anti-inflammatory properties and  can help soothe the scalp from irritations, redness, bruises, and scars and repair damaged cells in the scalp – It helps prevent dandruff and contain frizz – Aloe vera is a natural setting product for curly hair as it’s free of chemicals

– It is a versatile product that can be used in hair packs, masks and even as a conditioner – Aloe vera helps reduce hair fall and shedding significantly – Aloe vera has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that protect you from scalp infections

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