Must-Haves Beauty Products For A Wow-Worthy Bridal Look

Makeup Sponge

A beauty sponge can blend your concealer and foundation smoothly, giving you a flawless finish. Just make sure your blender is high quality so that your makeup will blend smoothly. You can use it in two ways – damp and dry as required. TC46 Loves: Colorbar Blend-Itude Makeup Sponge with its egg shape effectively eliminates harsh lines and creases in your makeup application even in the hard-to-reach corners of your face. Price: Rs 199

Makeup Brushes  

A bride’s wedding makeup kid should include makeup tools and brushes. From eye makeup, blush to highlights or even foundation, you can select a set of brushes to take care of every product. A quality brush set will make application and blending easier and more seamless. For best results, you can buy a set of makeup brushes that fulfill all kinds of needs. TC46 Loves: HUDABAR Synthetic Bristle Makeup Brush Set includes 24 pieces that are made from high-grade synthetic fibers. Price: Rs 999

Eyelash Curler

Brides, whether they like false lashes or not, can invest in an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler will draw your lashes upwards, creating length as well as volume, even without adding coats of mascara. TC46 Loves: GUBB Eyelash Curler lifts caresses and bends eyelashes from the inner to the outer corner. Price: Rs 129

Makeup Remover

Make-up removal has never been easier since the introduction of products like Micellar water. It is a must have for every bridal makeup kit. Not only will it get rid of your makeup, but it will also help get rid of errors that a simple swipe with cotton cannot. Here is a list of all the best makeup products for oily skin. TC46 Loves: Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water works as a great make-up remover and cleanser for heavy and water-proof make-up. Price: Rs 399

Cotton Pads & Buds  

All makeup errors can be rectified with cotton pads and buds. Got a stray eyeliner streak or mascara on your nose? Use micellar water with cotton buds or pads. Keep a stash in your bridal makeup kit and your handbag. TC46 Loves: Prima Donna Cotton Pads are soft, gentle and absorbent. Price: Rs 198