Mommy-Child Yoga Asanas With Yoga Guru Sohan Singh

Awoman’s life postpartum is a hectic mess. Whether she is working or not, her life turns a full 360 degrees with the arrival of a child. Lunch is eaten in instalments, laundry happens once a week, and sticking to a workout schedule or having one at all can become impossible.

1. From what age can you start mommy-baby yoga?

Gentle yoga can be performed at any age. For newborn babies, minor stretching and movement of the arms and legs are beneficial. I usually recommend asanas like the Apana-Asana (Knee-to-Chest Pose) for newborn babies.

2. Is it safe? What are the benefits of mommy-baby yoga?

There are plenty of benefits for mom and child: – Improved digestion – Develops motor and sensory skills in the babies – Promotes better sleep – Improves blood flow and opens-up the body – Helps ease new parent jitters – It helps you and your new baby bond

5 Asanas You Can Do With Your Baby Or Toddler 1. Good Morning Stretch

2. Wind-Relieving Pose (Pavana Mukta-Asana)