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“May I Stress, Please Don’t Stress! The Tags Of Super Woman & Super Mom Are Laden With Toxic Positivity”

"And it doesn’t help that very often, society elevates and puts us on a pedestal. The notion that as a woman – you must be a superwoman, has been fed into us since forever. Ghar bhi, office bhi, bacche bhi – we must be pros at every single thing."

"The woman who is making a six-figure income is unhappy because she doesn’t have the time to hit the gym and maintain a size zero. The homemaker woman is unhappy because her cousin just raised funding on her new startup. And the entrepreneur is sad because she’s unable to give time to her children. And all of this leads to one thing – stress."

"In every situation, we’re told to put on a little makeup, smile and pretend as if nothing ever happened. As if we’ve got it all under control. Because the responsibility of owning it all is always on the woman."

"And if we even choose to acknowledge the problem, we refuse to do the most important thing – talk! We stay silent – wiping away tears, putting on makeup, saying ‘I’m fine’ even when that is the last word we would use to describe ourselves."

"It’s just like what they tell you on an aeroplane – put your mask on before you attend to anyone else. Because to fill someone else’s cup, yours must be filled to the brim in the first place."

The Channel 46

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