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Makeup Tips For Your Haldi

Be it the bride brigade or the groom’s entourage, everybody considers haldi to be the most fun and enjoyable pre-wedding ritual. This vibrant part of the Big Fat Indian Wedding roster is all about fun, frolic and having a good time with your loved ones. As a bride, your stress is not yet off the charts (let’s save that for the wedding day) and you just want to look good and dance your heart out!

Since haldi rituals are generally held outdoors, do not forget to apply sunscreen to all the uncovered parts of your body.

If you are not aiming for a heavy makeup look, avoid using mascara.

Don’t forget to use your concealer for dark lines, spots and other trouble areas to get a flawless look.

For a minimalistic look (especially for daytime functions), go with neutral colour eye shadow and nude lipstick.

Don’t forget to use a strobing cream or cream-based highlighter to get that natural glow. Start by covering the high points of your face and then blend it in for a subtle shine.

A setting spray can help make your makeup last longer. With so many hands touching your face to apply haldi, you surely don’t want to skip this step.

If your attire is entirely yellow, pink and bronze eye makeup will go perfectly with your look.

A sun-kissed look works extremely well for outdoor ceremonies, especially during winters.

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