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1. Parle Agro

Girls always, and we mean always, lose their rubber bands. One minute it’s on their wrist and the next, it’s lost! So what’s a better gift than a spiced up hair tie? A silk scrunchie! You can make scrunchies with almost any material, but it’s best if you use silk. The fabric is soft and safe for the hair, it prevents any hair breakage. A simple way to make a silk scrunchie is by using a piece of silk fabric, elastic or rubber band, stitch material.

2. Lakme Cosmetics

Tickets, cards, random pieces of paper. These are makeshift bookmarks for all book lovers. And if your friend is a huge bookworm, you must have seen her do this. This is why a personalised bookmark is a perfect gift for friendship day.

3. FabIndia

Friendship bracelets were a huge thing back in school. Children would proudly count how many bracelets they had by the end of the day and boast about it. At that time, pieces of ribbon were the perfect friendship gifts, but if you want to up your friendship bracelet game, here is how you do it.

4. Vicco

After long hours of work, a hot shower relaxes you. And if you combine your shower with spa time, then it feels like heaven on earth! If you are looking for friendship gifts for a person who loves skincare, this is the best thing for you.

5. CCD

If your friend is an avid coffee or tea lover, this is the perfect gift for them. Customised an entire package for them.

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