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Look at some delicious recipes that incorporate watermelon.

Method: 1. In a blender, blend the watermelon. 2. Strain the watermelon mixture. 3. Onto the strained mixture, add milk and sugar. Mix well. 4. Pour the mixture onto a glass and add ice cubes. Serve chilled.

1. Watermelon Cooler

Method: 1. In a bowl, mix 3-5 fruits, cut into small cubes. Add the dressing on top of the fruits and cucumber. 2. Refrigerate the mixture and serve chilled. For dressing: – ¼ cup curd – ¼ cup onion – 1 tbsp capsicum – Sugar to taste

2. Fruit Salad

Method: 1. Cut the watermelon into small cubes and freeze these cubes for at least four hours. 2. In a mixer, combine all the ingredients and blend. 3. Transfer the mixture onto a container and freeze for two to three hours. 4. Transfer the ice cream onto a bowl. Enjoy! Ingredients: – 1 cup watermelon cubes – 1 cup whole milk – Sugar to taste – ¼ cup condensed milk (optional)

3. Watermelon Ice Cream

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