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Learn How To Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It

Combing your hair can take you back to your childhood when maa or nani would sit you down, detangle your messed up hair and apply a generous amount of oil. The irksome knots would cause pain as your mother insisted on sorting your chidiya ka ghosla out, come what may. While the intentions were the purest, detangling your hair is almost an art that requires technique and patience to avoid damage. And here are some tips to help with just that. For all those who love flawless and unerring hair, how to prevent hair from tangling has never been easier.

Causes Of Tangled Hair Tangles are caused due to very primitive reasons, out of which the most regular is when the outer layer of your hair starts to damage and opens up. This results in tangles that might be very hard to comb through. Every hair type, be it curly, straight or wavy suffers from tangles and knots and are very hard to deal with. When two strands of hair that have been peeled out from the outer layer, they end up entwining with each other and hence the tangle. So all you women out there, a smooth textured hair is what you need as your solution to detangle hair. Frizzy and moisture-lacking hair is more prone to tangling by friction.

How To Untangle Hair The Right Way Here are some awesome tricks and life-saving hacks that will help you detangle hair. Everyone’s hair is different, and so also, they have different whims. What might work for one of you with straight hair might not be suitable for someone with curly or wavy hair type. These tricks below have been sorted according to individual hair type.

1. How To Detangle Curly Hair This particular hair type ranges from light beachy curls to tightly wound curls. While the extent of curliness may range, curly hair if held out into a ponytail is much thicker than any other hair type which also makes it more tolerant towards the ill effects of heated styling, artificial colouring and other styling treatments. Busting a famous myth, it is proven that curly hair has less tendency to entangle than straight hair. However, it is still needed to be taken care of and resolve all issues

.2. How To Detangle Natural Hair A majority of women consider natural hair is easily tameable and thus end up giving it less attention and care. In simple words, be ignorant about it. But the truth is slightly drifted. Every hair type, irrespective of their quality and texture, needs care and nourishment. Negligence will only make things worse. For all, you women with natural textured hair tend to have moisture-laden scalps and thus have a difficult time choosing the right products. Make sure you don’t skip on any hair care routine.

3. How To Detangle Long Hair The longer the hair, the more difficult it becomes to take proper care. Long hair needs to be efficiently combed, washed, oiled and detangled. If not done, it might result in severe knots which if not untangled might permanently damage your hair. As a consequence, you might have to cut it short. Therefore, remember to give it the extra attention it needs.

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