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Lactation Consultant Arushi Agrawal Shares 9 Tips To Improve Breastfeeding For New Mothers

Breastfeeding is hard work. Both the mother and baby can benefit from breastfeeding, but it does not come easy. There is a load of information one needs to pay attention too. Which includes latching, mastitis, pacifiers and bottles. But once you get the hang of it, breastfeeding is a smooth sailing process. TC46 got in touch with Certified Lactation Consultant Arushi Agrawal. Here, she shares 9 tips and tricks on how to improve breastfeeding for new mothers.

1.The correct latch will provide a painless breastfeeding experience

Breastfeeding is never painful. It is your body’s way to tell you that something is not right. Correcting your latch is the most effective way to ease the pain, as a shallow latch is the most common reason for painful breastfeeding in the beginning.

2. Holding the baby right is the first step to getting a deeper latch

Holding the baby correctly is the first step to get a deep latch. If the baby has the right access to the breast, then the latch is deep on its own. Aim to get your baby’s lower lip away from the base of your nipple and turn lips outward like a fish. Your baby should lead into the breast with chin first and then latch onto your breast. The baby’s tongue should be extended, and the breast should fill his mouth.

3. Co-sleeping can help the mommy and baby sleep better

Once you are confident with breastfeeding, then lying down makes breastfeeding at night very easy. When you are sleeping with your baby, both the mother and the baby sleep better. There is longevity in your breastfeeding journey. Also, a baby who is close to the mother is proven to be more emotionally stable as a human being.

4. Eating the right food can help increase the milk supply

The most common food with boosts milk supply is cumin (jeera), fennel seeds (saunf), fenugreek (methi) and oats. But remember, eating right will not help in boosting supply alone. Make sure your position and latch are good, and you’re feeding the baby on demand and not looking at the clock. Frequent milk removal is the key to a good milk supply.

5. Try the block-feeding method to reduce milk supply

It takes 40 days for the body to calibrate the milk supply as per the baby’s demand, so please hang in there and trust your body. To deal with excessive milk supply mothers are advised to express some milk till they start to feel comfortable. This step is important to avoid pain in the breast. Block feeding is a method that can help reduce milk supply in just a few days: – Choose a time frame, usually from 3 to 4 hours, and feed your baby from only one breast during that time – Then change to the other breast for the same time period – Continue this pattern for a few days

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