Kriti Sanon's Empowerment Crusade: Celebrate Womanhood with Feminine Hygiene

– Embrace your menstrual cycle as a natural part of womanhood and celebrate the strength it represents.

– Prioritize self-care rituals during menstruation, such as taking warm baths or pampering yourself with self-love practices.

– Educate yourself about different menstrual products available to find what suits you best and supports your lifestyle.

– Advocate for inclusive menstrual policies in schools and workplaces to create supportive environments for women.

– Engage in open conversations with friends and family about feminine hygiene to break the silence and reduce stigma.

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– Support initiatives that provide menstrual products to women in need, ensuring access for all women regardless of their socioeconomic status.

– Choose menstrual products with eco-friendly materials and packaging to contribute to a greener and sustainable environment.

– Be proactive in promoting menstrual health education and awareness, encouraging young girls and women to prioritize their well-being.