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International Equal Pay Day: Lawyers’ Take On Equal Pay Rights For Women In India


There should be transparency in the wages of all employees. No woman can properly assess her equitable pay raise if she has no idea what her male counterparts are earning.

Pay Equality Audits

Pay Equality Audits can help determine the discrepancies between pay rates.


From helping women to get back into work after pregnancy, to easing the financial burden, employers who provide childcare support can make a big difference to gender pay issues.

Flexible Working

It gives women the opportunity to handle caring or childcare responsibilities, as well as maintaining a career and an income.

Civic Engagement

Local, regional, and national laws can make a big difference in eradicating gender payment gap. Iceland, for instance, is trying to close the pay gap by publicly shaming the companies that practice it.

Diversity In Management

Senior employees have the greatest influence over promotions and raises. The balance of men and women at the different management levels should be reviewed in any company. Fewer women in managerial positions is a sign of a systemic problem.

Paternity Leave

Allowing fathers to take more paternity and shared parental leave ensures workplace flexibility and opportunity for women to return back to work. Although in some countries the idea of paternity leave has yet to take hold, in countries like Sweden (since 1974) and UK (since 2015), the idea has already been introduced and encouraged.

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