In Conversation With Yoga Gurus Paramita Singh & Sohan Singh On Yoga Day

Although yoga originated as one of the schools of Hindu philosophy and consisted of a spectrum of physical and mental deeply rooted in spirituality, the version of yoga that has been popularised today focuses much more on the different postures of yoga as a form of physical activity. It is an international activity that India takes pride to acknowledge as its own. On the occasion of International Yoga Day, TC46 took the opportunity to ask two yoga experts some practical questions that we have all had at some point.

1. What is the importance of meditation in yoga? How is it useful, especially with respect to mental illness?

During these modern days, the practice of yoga training has been more alienated from meditation than in the past, with the primary emphasis being always on asana (positions), but meditation is still vital to even the most basic understanding of yoga science.

2. Would you recommend practising yoga, going to the gym, or a combination of both?

With the modern transition to health consciousness, your metabolism will be regulated by both yoga and work-out. However, if you ask which of the two yields results in the weight loss department more strictly, the latter will win. That is because yoga is not built to drive you and to burn fat or tone your body to the core. Power yoga is the only exception because it falls more into the exercise category.

3. How does yoga help in combating certain diseases and illnesses?

The modern world is facing a pandemic of lifestyle disorders that require changes to be made consciously by individuals themselves and since yoga is the best lifestyle ever designed. Yogic lifestyle, yogic diet, yogic attitudes, and various yogic practices help people reinforce themselves and develop positive health, thereby enabling them to better withstand stress.

4. Would you recommend it for kids and if yes, what would be an ideal age to start practising yoga?

Yoga is a gift to humanity, and it should start early in life so that the practitioner can reap the benefits of this ancient practice for a lifetime. When you are young, there are some very significant advantages to starting yoga. The age of magic is 8.