Important Work Life Balance Tips For Working Women

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 17th March 2023

1. Learn To Say No Work-life balance for women must begin with learning how to set priorities and say no to unimportant tasks. Plan your weekly calendar by clearing the clutter and freeing up time in your life. This will help you achieve peace of mind and improve your mental stamina.

2. Take Care Of Your Health The first thing to be ignored is your health when your schedule gets too busy. You may cancel your exercise session, skip breakfast, keep long gaps between meals, forget to hydrate, overload on coffee, or even stay up night after night, working on the computer in the dark.

3. Unplug From Tech Have a strict deadline and unplug from work devices after a certain time. Learn how to differentiate between urgent and important. While you can respond to an office call or mail that’s urgent, discuss with your employer that this should be the exception and not the norm.

4. Enjoy Weekends & Vacations Most people postpone using their vacation days and think they will travel and relax after retirement. With proper planning, the worry of having a huge workload when you return can be avoided. Plan something special for weekends like visiting the beach or going for dinner.

5. Make Time For Family Maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional life requires creating ample time with family and closed ones. Add structure in your life by making sure you’re present for important events of your children.

6. Outsource Chores Knowing how to maintain work-life balance requires a bit of creativity. With the rise of online shopping, you can order groceries and other household essentials online. This will save precious time spent driving to and fro from the supermarket.